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How to open an RESP

It's easy to open an RESP. All you need is photo ID and a Social Insurance Number card for you and a SIN card and birth certificate for your child. You don't even need a bank account. Any parent, caregiver or family member can open an RESP for a child at a bank or a credit union. If you or your child does not have a SIN, we can help you to apply for one.

Opening an RESP in three easy steps:

STEP 1: Gather the documents you need:

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) for yourself AND for your child
  • Photo ID for yourself
  • Your child’s birth certificate

STEP 2: Put together a plan:

  • Make an appointment to meet with your bank or credit union

STEP 3: Get more information and open the RESP

  • Make sure to get information from your bank or credit union about your options
  • The bank or credit union will open the RESP for you and will arrange to get the money from the federal government to put into your RESP